Transforming your business by solving your strategic and operation challenges...


Strategic Planning & Delivery

Transformation starts with a dream – don’t let it end there!

Strategy is vital for successful transformation, but it’s also very time-consuming. 

Let me speed and optimise your strategic process. Using world-class tools, I can work with you to develop and deliver a SMART strategic plan which will drive every stage of your transformation.

Change & transformation programs

Adaptation is the key to success. Let me give you the adaptability you need to succeed.

The world is transforming before our eyes, and brand new opportunities are springing up all the time. To grab those opportunities, your business needs to be able to adapt at speed.

Fast change feels risky to a lot of business leaders – and rightly so! But you don’t have to do it alone. With my help and support, you can quickly develop the flexibility you need to seize every opportunity and make it a success.


No successful athlete ever achieved their goals without a coach.

You don’t have to guide your team through big changes alone. I have many years of coaching experience at Senior and Executive levels, and can provide top-class transformation coaching for you and your team.

At Elbow support

Leadership can be lonely. But it doesn’t have to be.

It’s often hard to explain your vision to people who don’t have leadership experience. But I can put myself in your shoes.

I will fully understand where you are, what you want, and how I can help you get there. I will work as closely with you as you need to launch your transformation and make it a success.


As an experienced business leader, I can ensure that your business delivers for all stakeholders.

As your company grows, external support, questioning, and challenging becomes increasingly important. I can provide all of that, with the added bonus of having been in your shoes.

Are you an MD, CEO or COO trying to guide your organisation through a significant transformation?

Are you struggling to find the time to manage this change? Are you overwhelmed? Frustrated? Or simply too busy to focus as hard as you should on your business transformation?

No matter the aims or circumstances of your transformation, I can step in to manage the upheaval. My unique blend of practical assistance and real-world experience will ensure that your business transitions smoothly through each change, and emerges as a strong, successful, transformed company.

Mike Cameron Davies

Case Studies

Manufacturing Turnaround

Read about how I delved deep into the processes of a manufacturing business to determine ways of transforming the operation for the better.

Leadership Coaching & Development

Read about how I supported two senior leaders of a technology company through their personal development, including building self-reflection skills, improving time-management, and transforming their overall performance.

MCDBT Case Study 3

Leadership Support

The classic CEO challenge is working so much IN the business that you have no time to work ON the business. Read about how I eased this pressure enough for one business to go through major transformation and expansion.


Tanya Roxborough - Maintenance Director at Mountjoy

Mike is an inspirational manager, both supportive and challenging. He knows when to support, coach and guide and when to drive for better performance. His interest and knowledge of operations and lean methodology, his passion for change, and ability to juggle and prioritise multiple factors means he builds and leads very successful teams which show a demonstrable step change in results i.e. profit, safety record, quality whilst he is at the helm.

Damiano Violi - Managing Director EMEA at YANMAR COMPACT EQUIPMENT

Mike demonstrated to be a strong professional while work on transition and strategic projects around the Honeywell Site of Yeovil. Thanks to his engineering background and his structured way of work, his help in raising accountability among the project teams has been fundamental. Definitely a good leader with good communications skills, able to motivate his team in going above and beyond the goals.

Vanessa Powell - Human Resources Professional

It’s been a pleasure working with Mike at DBpixelhouse. He is an exceptional Operations Director who has excelled at successfully driving change throughout our business. Mike’s skill set will be invaluable to any business requiring rapid, agile transformation in response to the coronavirus pandemic. With Mike, data capture and analysis is at the core of every decision, coupled with astute strategic insight and a full breadth of commercial understanding. Mike has the ability to rapidly make an impact by doing the right things brilliantly.